C-GOZR joined the Tsyata Air fleet at Smithers, BC.
Photo: Michael Spicer © 01 September 2021
C-GOZR sheltered departure.
Photo: Peter Gloor © 2017
C-GOZR at an overcast Atlin, BC.
Photo: Rich Hulina © 11 July 2016
C-GOZR with new owner Atlin Air.
Photos: Fred Wallis © 26 May 2007
Photo: Fred Wallis © 23 May 2007
Photo: Ian Macdonald © 26 April 2007
C-GOZR completed and ready for a new owner. Maybe you?
Photos: Neil Aird © 11 April 2006
C-GOZR at St-Mathias on rebuild.
Photo: Marc Bourdon © 23 November 2005
Photo: Marc Bourdon © September 2004
C-GOZR earlier in her career.
Photo: John P. Stewart © September 1977 - Aird Archives





54-1670 US Army #1513. L-20 No. 514. Command A-6. Delivered 10-May-1955. Built as L-20A and re-designated U-6A in 1962.

Sold at auction 19-Jun-1974 ex Ft. George Mead, MD.

Bought by White River Air Service, White River, ON.

Note: Seen at Oshawa, ON., late 1974, being stripped.

C-GOZR Imported into Canada. Regd 1975.

C-GOZR White River Air Services, Timmins, ON. Regd prior to Certificate of Airworthiness renewal dated 09-May-1976. Canx date unknown.

C-GOZR Hawk Airways Ltd., Wawa, ON. Regn date currently unknown. On CCAR May-1981. Canx 14-Nov-1986.

Note: Reported with fuselage damage in 1987 with complete rebuild.

C-GOZR James W. Ryan / Glen Campbell / John Haight, Hawk Junction, ON. Regd 21-Aug-1987. Canx 04-Jun-1997.

C-GOZR Avionerie Amos Ltée., Amos, QC. Regd 04-Jun-1997. Canx 05-May-2000.

C-GOZR Aviation B. L. Inc., St-Mathias, QC. Regd 05-May-2000.

Note: Comenced total rebuild in 2000. Pictured complete Apr-2006.

C-GOZR Atlin Air Charters Ltd., Atlin, BC. Regd 02-Feb-2007, 08-Mar-2007.

Mods Include: Kenmore conversion including battery and alternator placed forward.

tt 15,108 hours Mar-20021. Noted for Sale Mar-2021.

C-GOZR Tsyata Aviation Ltd., Smithers. BC.