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C-FLUA Forde Lake Air Services, out of Hornepayne, Ontario.
Photo: David Jaremy © 10 June 2007
C-FLUA on the Red River at Selkirk.
Photo: Karl E. Hayes © May 2004 - Aird Archives
C-FLUA caught hibernating at Selkirk.
Photo: John W. Olafson © 22 February 2004
C-FLUA with some new markings.
Photo: Marcel Fluet-Lecerf © 27 July 2003
Photo: Andy Graham © July 2002
C-FLUA between flights.
Photo: Neil Aird © 1995
C-FLUA in earlier livery at Ear Falls, Ontario.
Photo: Glen Etchells © 26 July 1988

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CF-LUA & C-FLUA Arthur Fecteau / Fecteau Transport Aérien Ltée., Senneterre, QC. Delivered 13-Jul-1959. On CCAR at May-1981.

Accident: Nitchequon Lake, QC. 5314N 7052W. 07-Mar-1962. The bungee on right hand ski broke on take off. The pilot, John Magill continued the flight to its destination for an emergency landing where the ski broke. The resultand compromised landing  caused substantial damage to the aircraft. No injuries were recorded.

Accident: Fort Georges, QC. Lat 53.50N, Long 79.00W. 19-Sep-1973. The left float was slashed by a submerged rock while manoeuvring to take off. The aircraft nosed into the water and became submerged when the float dug in. Substantial damage to the aircraft. No injury to the pilot Daniel Genest .

Accident: Pottea Lake, ON. 09-Oct-1978. Details unknown.

C-FLUA Propair Ltée., Senneterre, QC. Circa 1983.

C-FLUA Edward Tippier (Tippier Air Ltd.), Ear Falls, ON. Regd 25-Jun-1986. Canx 05-Jun-1998.

C-FLUA Kabeelo Airways Ltd., Ear Falls, ON. Regd 22-Sep-1988. Canx 27-Apr-1999.

C-FLUA Excellent Adventures Outpost & Air Services Ltd., Ear Falls, ON. Regd 27-Apr-1999 and 10-Jun-2005. Canx 30-May-2006.

C-FLUA Kenora Air Service Ltd., Kenora, ON. Regd 31-May-2006. Canx 16-Feb-2007.

C-FLUA Excellent Adventures Outpost & Air Services Ltd., Ear Falls, ON. Regd 11-Apr-2007. Canx 23-Apr-2007.

C-FLUA Forde Lake Air Services Ltd., Hornepayne, ON. Regd 30-Apr-2007. Canx 30-Jun-2012.

Note: Baron STOL Wings.