C-FIFJ a colour and logo change.
Photo: Dale Tiedeman © 28 May 2023 - Aird Archives
C-FIFJ at La Ronge dock.
Photo: Fraser MacLean © Summer 2014
C-FIFJ still in northern Saskatchewan.
Photo: Mike Menard © September 2010
C-FIFJ at Scott Lake, northern Saskatchewan.
Photo: Kevin Williams © 11 August 2010
C-FIFJ just three months later, back at work.
Photo: Karl E. Hayes © May 2006
C-FIFJ over wintering at La Ronge, SK.
Photo: Rich Hulina © 08 February 2006
CF-IFJ at La Ronge, Saskatchewan.
Photos: Brian Byl © Summer 1987
CF-IFJ out in the bush.
Photo: Howard Smith © Winter 1975-1975 - Aird Archives
CF-IFJ at Wardair's Yellowknife base.
Photo: Caz Caswell / Air Team Images © 1967





CF-IFJ Wardair Canada Ltd., Yellowknife, YT. Delivered 17-Dec-1955.

CF-IFJ La Ronge Aviation Services Ltd., La Ronge, SK. Regd 24-Dec-1968. Regn Canx 07-Jun-1990.

Accident: Laurie River, MB. 11-Apr-1980. Aircraft ran onto shore-and into trees on takeoff, sustaining substantial damage. No CADORS or TSB Canada report found.

C-FIFJ Points North Air Services Ltd.,. Saskatoon, SK. Regd 07-Jun-1990. Canx 28-May-1993.

C-FIFJ P & D Aircraft Leasing Ltd., (Eagle Air Services) Wollaston Lake, SK. Regd 28-May- 93. Canx 20-Jul-1994.

C-FIFJ Northern Dene Airways Ltd., Prince Albert/Stony Rapids, SK. Regd 20-Jul-1994. Canx 22-Jun-2005.

C-FIFJ Transwest Air Ltd.,  Partnership, By its general partners 102008427 Saskatchewan Ltd.,. and 101004597 Saskatchewan Ltd., Prince Albert, SK. Regd 22-Jun-2005.

Mods include: As of Jul-2007: EDO 4580 floats, porthole replaced, Kenmore - mods including rear rectangular window, freight door bubble window, battery and alternator moved forward, extended baggage area and seaplane finlets.

Note: Reported for Sale Jul-2007 but still with Transwest Jan-2015.

C-FIFJ Transwest Air Limited Partnership, By Its General Partner Transwest Management Ltd., Saskatoon, SK. Regd 05-Dec-2022. Operated by Rise Air.



Original colour concept for DHC Paint Shop crews.