C-FJBM up in the Yukon at Schwatka Lake.
Photo: Kyle G Cameron © 09 September 2019
C-FJBM now with BX wings and Aerocet 5850 floats.
Photo: Simon Slater © 28 May 2015
C-FJBM at Val d'Or - CYVO, now in new colours.
Photo: Chris Mak © October 2014 - Aird Archives
Photo: Jean-Philippe Richard © 24 October 2014
C-FJBM at Val d'Or, wintering.
Photo: Simon Slater © 30 January 2012
C-FJBM parked up for the winter months at Amos - Magny.
Photo: Martin Rousseau © 19 April 2008
Photos: Chris Coates © 03 October 2007
CF-JBM de Havilland demonstrator visits Feacteau.
Photo: de Havilland Canada - Bombardier © Print 4337

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CF-JBM de Havilland Canada, Downsview, ON. Demonstrator. Delivered 23-May-1956.

CF-JBM Canadian Aircraft Renters Ltd., Toronto. ON. On CCAR at 31-Mar-1957

CF-JBM Air Saguenay Inc., Latterière, QC. Circa 1964-1979. Actual dates currently unknown.

Accident: Lake Onitchiway Depot, Lake Erie, QC. 20-Aug-1970. During a flight at normal cruise power and at an altitude of about 2,500ft the engine backfired and failed suddenly. The pilot carried out a forced landing into a marsh covered by 6-12in of water. The pilot Jean-Marc Gagnon, suffered minor injury and the sole passenger was un-injured.

Accident: 28 mi. NE of Sept Îles, QC. 27-Feb-1976. Leased to Sept Îles Aero Club. During the flight the weather deteriorated into snow and snow gusts. The pilot decided to await an improvement but on landing and the roll out the aircraft hit a bank on the edge of the river in restricted visibility due to blowing snow. No injuries recorded to pilot, André Vallée and three passengers. Aircraft damage substantial.

C-FJBM Regn format changed prior to 30-Sep-1977.

C-FJBM Aviation Portneuf Ltée., Saint-Raymond, QC. Dates currently unknown.

C-FJBM Air Saguenay (1980) Inc., Chicoutimi, QC. Circa 1978 until Canx 10-Jun-1982.

Accident: Lac Sébastien, QC. Lat 48.39N, Long 71.11W. 28-May-1982. Approximately four minutes after takeoff, the pilot reported on the radio that it was returning to base because of high cylinder head temperature. Seconds later, the engine lost power. During the final turn toward the lake, the left wing scraped the tops of trees; the pilot lost control of the aircraft and it crashed in the water. The pilot had not flown for six months and it was his first contract of the season. A technical review confirmed the integrity of the fuselage and wings. The engine and its accessories were examined but although several problems were revealed but none that could cause the engine failure. Among these problems, two connecting rods and two spark plugs were out of time, also a magneto and piston cracked. On test the carburettor proved in working order but with the mixture set too poor, which may have caused the cylinder temperature to rise too high. The probable cause of the engine failure was assigned to the engine driven fuel pump not working properly although not fully tested.

•.C-FJBM Bellevue Air Service Inc., St. Félicien, QC. Regd 26-Apr-1983. Canx 03-Jul-1990.

C-FJBM Brassard Air Service, Lac Rapide, QC. Regd 13-Jul-1990. Canx 19-Nov-1990.

C-FJBM Aviation Portneuf Ltée., Petit Lac Batiscan, QC. Regd 14-Apr-1992. Canx 19-May-1995.

C-FJBM 2621-197067 QC Inc., St. Michel des Saints, QC. Regd 19-May-1995. Canx 08-Jun-1995.

C-FJBM Cargair Ltée., St. Michel des Saints, QC. Regd 08-Jun-1995. Canx 28-Mar-1996.

C-FJBM Pavillon du Lac Berthelot Inc., Lac Berthelot, Senneterre, QC. Regd 28-Mar-1996. Regd 17-Sep-2009. Canx 27-Feb-2014 .

C-FJBM Machines Roger Ltée, Val d’Or, QC Regd 27-Feb-2014.

Note: Now has BX Wings and modified tail, also new STC for installed Aerocet 5850 floats at 6,050lbs Gross Weight. (May-2015).