c/n 1509

OB-Z-938 at Aerodroma Marie Reiche Neuman - SPZA, Nazca, Peru.
Photo: Unknown photographer © 23 March 1986 - Lenn Bayliss Collection
Note non-standard rear window replacing porthole.
Photo: Javier Goto Watanabe © March 1986
OB-Z-938 in earlier aeroica livery, at Nazca.
Photo: Unknown photographer © May 1982 - Aird Archives

c/n 1509

HK-1013X • HK1013 • OB-T-938 • OB-R-938



HK-1013X Delivered 05-Apr-1962.

HK-1013Aero Taxi (Avianca–Aerovìas Nacionales de Colombia SA), Bogota, Colombia. Canx Apl-1970.

OB-T-938 Details Unknown.

OB-R-938 Details Unknown.

OB-Z-938 Aero Ica, S.C.R.L. Nazca, Peru.

Note: It is possible that this small airline is owned by a Swiss hotel group. The acronym S.C.R.L. could mean “Société Coopérative à Responsabilité Limitée” or a Spanish equivalent.

• Noted at Nazca 23-Mar-1986, ex Aero Taxi.

Accident: Nazca. Date Unknown. Whilst being propped by pilot, unchecked aircraft ran into building under taxying power.

Status Unknown