VH-BOS a little dusty, at her private strip.
"Manuka Beattle Eater" (That's one way to spell beetle !)
Photos: Neil Aird © 17 May 2005

My thanks to Tony & Trish for their great hospitality !

ZK-BDI when with Griffin Ag-Air Ltd.
Photo: Richard London © - Lenn Bayliss Collection
ZK-BDI at Kairanga.
Photo: Don Noble © 10 March 1984 - Graeme D. Mills Collection
ZK-BDI at Masterton.
Photo: Don Noble © 29 January 1984 - Graeme D. Mills Collection
ZK-BDI at Palmerston North.
Photo: Peter Lewis © Mid 1980's
ZK-CPZ at Napier.
Photo: Don Noble © 23 January 1977
ZK-CPZ with new titles, at Napier.
Photo: Don Noble © 01 August 1976
ZK-CPZ at Gisborne.
Photo: John Mounce © 17 Marche 1973 - Aird Archives
ZK-CPZ with FIELDAIR at Wairoa.
Photo: Dave Bates © 27 February 1972
ZK-CPZ at Gisborne.
Photo: Don Noble © 29 December 1970
ZK-CPZ of FIELDAIR at Masterton.
Photo: Don Noble © 07 January 1968
VH-RAS of ROBBYS at Parafield, South Australia.
Photo: John M. Smith © 01 July 1964 - South Australia Aviation Museum - via Geoff Goodall
ZK-BMO at Piriaka.
Photo: Don Noble © 1959 - Graeme Mills Collection
ZK-BMO at Fielding with Bob Divehall pilot.
Photo: Lou Forhecz © 1959 - Graeme Mills Collection
ZK-BDI marked No:2 at Hamilton.
Photo: Unknown photographer © Mid 1950's - Peter Lewis Collection





No regn. Imported by de Havilland (New Zealand) Ltd., Wellington. 14-Jul-1953.

ZK-BDI James Aviation Ltd., Hamilton, NZ. "No.2" 03-Sep 1953. First flight in New Zealand 02-Oct-1953.

Note: Flown by Hap Neville (1953/1954), Red McNally (1954/1955).

Accident: Near Wairaki Airstrip. 15-Oct-1956. As ZK-BDI. Pilot P. McNab. Other details unknown.

Note: Flown by Peter McNab until badly damaged by gale force winds at Taupo, 12-May-1958.

ZK-BDI Canx after May-1958.

Note: Wreck purchased by Aerial Farming (NZ) Ltd., Palmerston North, NZ. Rebuilt by Aerial Farming with new registration.

ZK-BMO Aerial Farming (New Zealand) Ltd., Palmerston North, NZ. Re-regd 12-Dec-1958. Test flown 19-Dec-1958.

Reported Accident: Crashed at Taoro. 21-Dec-1959. Crashed into hillside and reportedly burnt out however this does not seem to fit subsequent notes.

Note: Flown by Bob Divehall until Jan-1960 then Bruce McMillan until accident at Niho Niho.

Accident: Niho Niho, Ohura 02-Sep-1960. Crashed and details currently unknown.

ZK-BMO Canx 21-Mar-1961. Wreck exported to Australia.

VH-AAW Aerial Agriculture Ltd., Bankstown, NSW. Regd 15-Aug-1961. Canx 27-Nov-1962.

VH-RAS Robby’s Aircraft Pty., Ltd., Parafield, SA. Regd 22-Nov-1962. Canx 25-Mar-1966.

ZK-CPZ Fieldair Ltd., Gisborne, NZ. First flight back in NZ 15-Mar-1966. Regd 05 Apr-1966.

Note: Flown by Bob Cranston, Harley Cadwallader, Neville Worsley and Jim Frogley.

ZK-CPZ Fieldair Holdings (Central) Ltd., Palmerston North, NZ. Regd 18-Nov-1980.

ZK-BDI Griffin Ag-Air / Kairanga Aviation Ltd., Palmerston North, NZ. Regd 16-Sep-1983.

ZK-BDI Parakai Parachute Centre, Balmoral, NZ. Regd. 08-Feb-1988.

ZK-BDI P. Roberts, (Fieldair) Palmerston North, NZ. Regd. 29-Sep-1990. Canx 20-Nov-1990.

VH-BOS Altair Aviation Ltd., (P. Roberts) Bungador, VIC. Regd 10-Jan-1991. Re-regd 26-Sep-2005 under CASP 47.

Note: CASP 47 was a 2005 requirement by Australian Authorities for all aircraft to show registration details of both owner and where appropriate a different operator.

Note: Still in Griffin Ag Air colours with VH-BOS regn in May-2005.

Additional details provided by Graeme Mills.