C-GUWF on the move at YVR.
Photo: Kenneth I. Swartz © 01 August 2015
C-GUWF on amphibs, yet to be painted. At YVR south.
Photo: Ross Baadsvik © 19 January 2013
C-GUWF awaiting a lift.
Photo: Ross Baadsvik © 26 May 2012
C-GUWF at Ft. Langley. Super shot John!
Photos: John W. Olafson © 03 June 2006
C-GUWF at Vancouver South.
Photos: John W. Olafson © 17 May 2004
Photo: Geoff McDonell © July 2003 - Aird Archives
C-GUWF poses for a portrait.
Thanks to the owner for making the portrait possible.
Photos: Kenneth I. Swartz © 10 April 2003
C-GUWF in hangar at Fort Langley, BC.
Photo: Leslee Probasco © June 2002
C-GUWF a few years back.
Photo: © Bill Hann
51-16808 visits Gatwick - EGKK, United Kingdon.
Photo: Peter Keating © June 1964 - Aird Archives - aflyinghistory.com
51-16808 visits Pau, France.
Photo: Jacques Guillem © 1964


51-16808 • N64505 • N91364



Note: Left paint shop 23-May-1952.

51-16808 US Army #1101. L-20A No: 102 Command A-2. Delivered 07-Jul-1952. Built as L-20A and re-designated U-6A in 1962.

N64505 Fort Osage Aero Vocational Technical School,  MO. Regd Jan-1972.

N91364 Details unknown. Canx - Exported to Canada 14-Feb-1977.

C-GUWF Bel Air Laurentian Avn., Inc., Lac à la Tortue, QC. Regd 07-Feb-1977 & 18-May-1977. Canx 17-Jan-1990.

C-GUWF Aviation Portneuf Ltée., Lac à la Tortue, QC. Regd 17-Jan-1990. Canx 27-May-1998.

C-GUWF Martini Transport Ltd., Fort Langley, BC. Regd 22-Sep-1998.

Note: 2000 – 2003. Noted with “Starlight Windows” titles.

C-GUWF Renato Martini, Langley, BC. Regd 17-Nov-2009. Based Fort Langley. Canx 18-May-2012.

C-GUWF Martin Aidelbaum, Vancouver, BC Regd 18-May-2012. Expiry date 30-Apr-2015.