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c/n 1557
VH-SWB working at Palm Beach.
Photo: Graeme D. Mills © 29 October 2016
Photos: Graeme D. Mills © 15 August 2015
VH-SWB Steve heads out once again from Bankstown.
Photo: Lance Higgerson © 28 November 2014
VH-SWB on 50th Anniversary of first flight.
VH-SWB celebrating at Palm Beach.
Photos: Graeme D. Mills © 28 July 2014
VH-SWB ready for her work day.
Photos: Neil Aird © 08 and 01 November 2010
VH-SWB with Steve and Jenny at Palm Beach Resort.
Photos: Graeme D. Mills © 12 December 2009
VH-SWB ready for another season.
Photo: Graeme D. Mills © 29 October 2009
VH-SWB landing Rose Bay.
Photo: John Davey © 12 March 2008
VH-SWB at Bankstown.
Photos: Lenn Bayliss © 05 February 2005
VH-SWB in 2004 livery, at Rose Bay.
Photo: Lenn Bayliss © 05 February 2005
Photo: George Canciani © 04 November 2004
VH-SWB at Rose Bay, Sydney, NSW
Photo: Michael O'Farrell © 30 March 2004
Photo: Unknown photographer © Lenn Bayliss Collection
VH-SWB after a bath at Bankstown.
Photo: David Fogwill © November 2002
VH-SWB at sunrise off Mindel Beach in Darwin, NT.
Photo: © Lenn Bayliss
VH-SWB at Darwin Airport.
Photo: Lenn Bayliss © 1997
ZK-CKD over Mount Cook, South Island
ZK-CKD Northbound up the coast - Westland, South Island.
Photos: Unknown photographer © John Kerr Collection
ZK-CKD landing at Hokitika Airport.
ZK-CKD when with Fieldair Holdings.
Photo: Photographer unknown © Archival image.
ZK-CKD at Dannevirke, North Island.
Photo: Unknown photographer © May 1971 - John Kerr Collection
ZK-CKD of FIELDAIR at Dannevirke.
Photo: Don Noble © 28 December 1970 - Kiwi Beavers Collection
ZK-CKD at Masterton.
Photo: Neville Worsley © 1967 - via Graeme Mills

c/n 1557


VH-SWB (3)


Hawker Siddeley Aviation, (New Zealand) Ltd., Delivered 08-Oct-1964.

ZK-CKD Fieldair Ltd., Gisborne. Regd 28-Jan-1965.

Accident: Whakatane, NZ. 02-Apr-1974. Aircraft damaged; details unknown. Pilot Mr. Cadwallader.

ZK-CKD Fieldair Holdings (Central) Ltd., Palmerston North, New Zealand. Regd 08-Nov-1980.

ZK-CKD Fieldair Holdings Ltd., North Palmerston. Regd 30-Mar-1984. w.f.u. in 1986.

Note: Rebuilt by Frank Wright and Gisborne Aero Maintenance 1991 and 1992.

ZK-CKD F R & M K Wright, Tauranga, NZ. Regd 24-Jul-1992.

ZK-CKD Wilderness Wings, Hokitika, NZ. Regd 08-Feb-1993. Canx 21-May-1996.

Note: Ferried Keri-Keri to Bankstown, NSW via Norfolk & Lord Howe Islands.

VH-SWB (3) Krug Agencies Pty., Ltd., Darwin, NT. t/a Seawing Airways, Roseville, NSW. Regd 24-Jun-1996, Re-regd 18-May-2006 under CASP 47. Based Newport Beach, NSW.


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