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• The Ralph Burnett Collection •

• Prestwick • Renfrew • Glasgow • Aberdeen •

Most of these images are presumed to have been taken by our pal Wilf White - printed by Ralph.

Glasgow / Prestwick - EGPK
N733PA Douglas DC-7C (44875) PanAm. "CLIPPER BLUE JACKET". Originally delivered delivered 18 April 1956. VR-BCT damaged beyond repair in belly landing at Abidjan, Ivory Coast 26 July 1970.
SE-BDU Douglas DC-6B (44168) SAS "ERIK VIKING". Delivered 16 December 1953. Ended up as HK-1706 and crashed 19 February 1982 in Colombia.
N79000 Douglas C-54-DO Skymaster (3058) Global Airways (A very short lease). After a spell as D-ADAM, eventually converted to a Carvair, G-ASKN.
48-0422 Boeing C-97G Stratofreighter (16034) USAF New Hampshire Air Guard. Visiting MATS Terminal at Prestwick 27 October 1961.
141296 Lockheed WV-2 Warning Star (4429) USN AEW TULANT MK/296. Circa 1965. Later became 67-21473 EC-121R. To MASDC and scrapped May 1974.
5327 de Havilland Canada CC-108 Mk.1B Caribou (206) RCAF. Became JW9005 28 June 1971. Probably came back though Prestwick as such.
3743 de Havilland Canada CSR-123 Otter (183) RCAF/UN. January 1960. Link.
131487 Lockheed SP-2E Neptune (426-5368) US Navy LK/7 VP-26sq. Crashed 11 February 1969 into Sant Ana Mountains during attempted landing at MCAS El Toro, CA. All 7 crew killed.
N4760C Consolidated Vultee 258-5ACF (1547) Geoterrex. Circa 1979.
53-0043 Douglas C-124C Globemaster (44338) USAF 1607th ATW.
50876 Douglas R5D-3 Skymaster (10559) US Navy JM/876 VR-24sq. Later as CP-1206 crashed after take off 24 March 1984 at Rurrenabaque, Bolivia.
144827 Douglas A3D-1 Skywarrior (208) US Navy. Converted by NARF Alameda to ERA-3B in June 1973 and assigned to VAQ-33. Lost 16 November 1987 after mid-air collision with KA-3B 138925 enroute to Elmendorf AFB. 2K.
TF-LLG Canadair CL-44D4 (8) Loftleidir. Note photographer's mode of transport and less restrictive viewing. Crashed 02 December 1970 on approach to Dhaka.
VR-HHC Canadar CL-44D4-2 (17) Transmeridian-Hong Kong.
G-ATZI Canadar CL-44D4-2 (25) Transmeridian Air Cargo. Written off as 9Q-CTS 17 February 2002.
CCCP-76485 Tupelov TU-114 Aeroflot (0270704).
N4339D Convair 880-22M-22 (22-7-9-61).
G-AGJV Douglas DC-3 (12195) Air Ulster.
G-AMYX Douglas DC-3 (C-47B-30-DK) Dakota (33042) Air Kruise. Circa 1956-57.
G-ARMW Avro 748 Series 1 (1537) Skyways International.
G-ASXT Grumman G.159 Gulfstream 1 (135).
G-AVJB Vickers V.815 Viscount (375) Jersey European.
N108RD Douglas DC-8F-54 (45663) Riddle.
CS-TBO Boeing 727-82C (19968) TAP. Delivered 21 November 1968.
G-AYOP Bac 111-530-OFX (233) Court.
CF-TJS Douglas DC-8-54F (45861) Air Canada Cargo dominates the ramp, a Northwest Orient Boeing 747 Freighter brings up the rear.
G-APDB de Havilland DH.106 Comet 4B (6403) Dan-Air. Hey, the sun's come out! G-APDB made it’s final flight on 12 February 1974, having flown 36,269 hours, with 15,733 landings. It is part of the Duxford Aviation Society’s British Air Liner Collection at RAF Duxford, Cambridgeshire, UK.
Glasgow / Abbotsinch - EGPF
SE-CNL Vickers V.784D Viscount (300) Falconair. Circa 1969. Ended up with the fire department at Stockholm-Arlanda in 1972.
G-AOYJ Vickers V.806 Viscount (259) Cyprus Airways.
Aberdeen / Dyce - EGPD
G-BFRJ Handley Page HPR-7 Herald 209 (195) Air Écosse.
Glasgow / Renfrew - EGPF
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