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"Olivia meets the Rockies - A second time"

Approaching the Rockies, the transition and descent to Victoria.

To start (give it time to load!) It should commence automatically - if it does not - click on the arrow button. (have your sound turned on!!)

The small image is the best.

Double Click on the image to open full screen - a bit jerky I'm afraid!

Hit Esc to EXIT.

It should give you a "feeling" of the trip I hope?

Here's the YouTube link if it does not work here!

Video clips: Neil Aird / Don Berends © 29 May 2007
This clip takes us from just approaching the Rockies about Pincher Creek, Alberta - all the way to Victoria, routing through British Columbia, via Kimberley, Nelson, Oliver. I was in a quandry when I started shooting these clips and images. I had been at the controls of "Olivia" for well over an hour when the scenery drastically changed, and we were climbing . . . what's a guy to do? I relinquished the yoke! Don let me have her again after the Rockies until the the Georgia Straight. My sincere thanks Captain.