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c/n 1367

SORRY SOLD! (November 2007)

1959 de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver

Registration #: N102SY
Serial #:
ACTT: 13,680.08 as of 9/23/07
PROP SMOH: 926.09 5/29/05
A/C Description: This aircraft was disassembled in
2005 and all bearings, pulleys, brackets, control
rods and cables replaced or inspected for
airworthiness. The birdcage was overhauled and
Sealand struts installed at that time. All gear
fittings inspected, stripped and dye penetrant
checked for cracks and corrosion. The whole dash
assy was removed and modified for new instruments
and switches. All the radios were rewired at that
time. New bearings and Teleflex cables were
installed and the carburetor heat duct was
overhauled. All the fuel tanks were removed and
overhauled by Atlee Dodge and installed with new
hoses. The fuel bay was stripped and painted and new
floor boards installed. New rudder post assembly was
installed in 2006 and the bottom fuselage recepticle
replaced at that time. Life time struts, all AD’s
complied with.
• Three Bladed Hartzell
• Jasco Alternator
• Kenmore Battery Forward
• Dry Vacuum Pump
• Single Throw Over Yoke
• Tip Tanks
• Ski Gear
• Extended Baggage Compartment
• Kenmore Center and Rear Sling Seats
• Shoulder Inertia Belts
• Sealand Stainless Trim Rods
• 5370 up gross kit
• Kenmore Finlets
• 4930 Floats W/ Double Hatches
• All Passenger Audio
• KX 155 W/GS
• KY196 Comm
• King KI 525A HSI
• King KG 102A Gyro
• KR-21 Marker
• Icom VHF Programmable Transceiver
• Electric: T&B, DG, Art. Horizon.
• Garmin 296 GPS
• Full Strobe Lights