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Mode-S/ADS-B page

for those who might enjoy SBS-1 and RB

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Sample of my Kinetic SBS-1 screen set-up
Sample of my AirNav Syterms Radar Box screen set-up taken at same time as above.

In this section, I hope to share my enthusiasm for this pastime. I like to think of this activity as my "Spotters Sudoku" - It lets me partake the 3D mind games that Air Traffic Controllers do daily, but without any of the possible ramifications of making an error such as missing some target conflict! 

Through my Kinetic SBS-1 and Radar Box, I have met many fellow enthusiasts around the world. I am happy to cover my little corner of the world and share the activities I note from here - or rather, what my little "black boxes" pick up for me! Maybe I can excite you into becoming a member of our community.

The above screens may look complicated, but I will explain what is going on over the coming weeks.

I'm afraid it can be rather addictive - if you are retired, it's okay I guess?




Here are the essential items. Your range is expanded greatly with good antenna and cables! I'll expand this section as often as I can with links. This is a start.

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