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• A grand bike ride •

A series of images shot when visiting Copenhagen, Denmark. All photos: Neil Aird © 1964
LN-KLB Convair 440-75 Metropolitan (320) SAS "Ivar Viking". 18 September 1964.
SE-BSX Convair 440-75 Metropolitan (396) SAS " Sverker Viking". 22 January 1968. I flew to Gothenburg on "SK494". The image above shows my cabin crew arriving in a beat up Bedford van! - SE-BSX served from 1957-1973 and was broken up at Oslo-Fornebu in 1975
LN-MOD Douglas DC-7C (44930) SAS "Guttorm Viking" passes OY-KND Douglas DC-7C (45211) SAS "Rolf Viking". Fred Olsen Curtiss C-46 and Falk DH114 Heron in distance.
Here is the area to the west of the new terminal, mostly used at my time of visit as a freight area. This was the old control tower.
SE-EDR Curtiss C-46R Commando (30394) of Transair Sweden loads up while LN-FOR (30252) of Fred Olsen awaits a charter.
Sud Est SE.210 Caravelle III action as a SAS machine passes parked Finnair example OH-LEC (27).
G-APNO Douglas DC-6A (45531) British United. Later converted to a DC-6B as HB-IBS with Balair, then on to Canada with Conair as C-GBIS.
D-ACUM Convair 440-88 Metropolitan (409) Lufthansa. This particular machine was sold in June of 1968 to Air Algerie becoming 7T-VAO.
YU-AHA Sud Est SE.210 Caravelle VI-N (139) JAT.
LN-KLH Sud Est SE.210 Caravelle III (3) SAS "Finn Viking". In the background OY-AOB a Nordair DC-6B and a SE-DAZ Convair 990. In the far distance three Flying Enterprise Canadair C-4 Argonaut aircraft stored.
1348 Lockheed HC-130B Hercules (3650) U. S. Coast Guard from Elizabeth City. PanAm Boeing 707-321B N760PA (18335) awaits her passengers in the background.
EI-ANE BAC 111-208AL (BAC.049) Aer Lingus showing fron and rear stairs. N812PA Douglas DC-8-33 (45265) "Clipper Blue Jacket" Pan American being attended to.
Transient aircraft parking on the terminal side. Present OY-ADH Cessna 180 (32115); N3805C Aero Commander 560; OY-AVA Percival P.66 President 1 (H.P.AL Pem79) of the Luftfartsdirektoratet.
N9895F Douglas C-47B-5-DK Skytrain (14660 / 26105) was the first aircraft photographed after I cycled round to the south area at Kastrup. 20 August 1964.
OY-AOT Lockheed 12A Electra Junior (1285) of Scan-Fly was the next delight in front of my lense. Previous history and demise. Y-O233, G-AGDT, HM573, G-AGDT, SE-BTO, LN-BDF, OY-AOT, crashed 13 February 1967 at Kastrup. I also noted OY-AOV (1306) when I was poking around. It has the following history: L2-38 Netherlands Flying School, Jackson, USA, PJ-AKD, BX238 RAF Dutch Metropolitan Communications Squadron, T-2 KLu post-WW2, SE-BXR, OH-ETA Lentohuolto Oy, LN-BFS Widerøes Flyveselskap & Polarfly, OY-AOV Scan-Fly. On display at Egeskov Museum 1970-1981 as "L2-38". Militaire Luchtvaart Museum, Soesterberg 1981 "L2-100" - so we almost met again on 29 June 2011 when I was a Soesterberg..
OY-BAV Douglas DC-6B Super Cloudmaster (45199) of Sterling was there with OY-EAO, OY-BAU and OY-BAT. OY-BAV was noted on the fire-dump in 1981, looking very sad.
OY-DOY Beech 65 Queen Air (LC-15). Her history: 1960 build - D-IGAS, SE-EDE, LN-IKB, OY-DOY, N7345 ended up in Puerto Rico, I believe.
OY-ACR Piper PA-23-250 Aztec B (27-2315). I'll bet these nice old wooden hangars are long gone. History: N5262Y, OY-ACR, D-IBOK, OY-ACR, Mekanikerskolen, Dragør. Haderslev
SE-BUU Lockheed 18-56 Lodestar (18-2076) Load Air AB., eventually scrapped at Kastrup in 1966. It was built in 1940, ex G-AGBT and VP-KFA.
OY-BAW Piper PA-24-250 Comanche (24-3591) brand new, noses out of Hangar 103, while my bike rests beneath a sign listing "Rules".
OY-AVA Percival P.66 President 1 (H.P.AL Pem79) of the Luftfartsdirektoratet, with OY-AFZ Dornier Do27Q-5 (2042) parked in front of the Monospar. History of the Dornier: D-EKOC, OY-AFZ, LN-BDD, (TF-FHK), LN-BDD, crashed 10.6.1985 Meløy. Cancelled 2005.
OY-DAZ General Aircraft ST-25 Monospar (95) rather neglected and dusty in the back of a hangar. History - nice to know she has been saved: Built 1935 - G-AEYF, OY-DAZ Zonen "Caritas I", on display at Denmark's Flyvemuseum.
OY-AOZ Beech 23 Musketeer (M-446). Built 1963.
More soon - including other airports in Wonderful Denmark!
OY-SAI KZ-V I I U-4 Lærke (135) at Kirstinesminde (EKKM), Riiskov. 13 September 1964.
OY-ACC KZ-V I I U-4 Lærke (177) at Maribo 06 September 1964. Opening Day.
OY-ACC KZ-I I I U-2 (106) "Krølle Bølle" - at Maribo 06 September 1964. Opening Day.
OY-EAK Morane MS-880B Rallye-Club (192) - at Maribo, 06 September 1964. Opening Day.
CF-CEM Dornier Do.28 (3064) at Sønderborg, 16 September 1964. Eventually became N8844.
Malmö / Bulltofta, Sweden - 24 August 1964 - A brief visit
SE-CFD Curtiss C-46D Commando (26713) at Malmö / Bulltofta, Sweden 24 August 1964 - I will add a page someday with items shot there. Meanwhile, here's a couple.
SE-EEC Cessna 180D (180-51929) which gained notoriety in the UK by landing on a canal the year before, which was not allowed! It was float equipped by the way!