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H.M.S. Glorious & H.M.S Furious

Flight and Carrier Operations
K3515/812 Fairey Seal I Royal Navy - Fleet Air Arm over H.M.S. Glorious and her escort H.M.S. Searcher. Introduced in 1933, 91 were built, they left service circa 1936.
Fairey Swordfish formation flight over H.M.S. Glorious.
A crowded flight deck with twenty "String Bags". The Fairey Swordfish was first introduced in 1936, replacing the Blackburn B5 Baffin.
Blackburn B5 Baffin in port echelon formation. 812 Squadron. Retired from service December 1936.
I will gradually be adding images from the collection as I digitally restore them.
S1581 / 574 Hawker Nimrod Mk.I on HMS Glorious. 802 Naval Air Squadron.
S1634 / 578 Hawker Nimrod Mk. I into the nets on HMS Glorious. 802 Naval Air Squadron.
K2824 / 561 Hawker Nimrod Mk. I being hoisted inboard HMS Glorious from HMS Searcher, 802 Naval Air Squadron, after ditching in the Mediterranean Sea on 19 September 1935.