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• Fairbanks Friends - Through the years •

Neil Aird © 1966, 1968, 1995, 2004.


A favourite location of mine - for very obvious reasons.
N1837M Curtiss Wright C-46F-1CU Commando (22388) "Hot Stuff".xxx10 September 1995.
N7848B Curtiss Wright C-46-A-55-CK Commando (273) ex 43-47201. "Dumbo".xxx10 September 1995.
N1822M Curtiss Wright C-46F-1CU Commando (22521) "Salmon Ella".xxx10 September 1995.
N54584 Curtiss Wright C-46D-20CU Commando (22328) ex JASDF 51-1114 and earlier 44-78495A. Before and after images. xxx06 September 1995 and then 11 September 2004.
51-1122 Curtiss Wright C-46D-10CU ex JASDF ex 44-77889 to become N54514 "Maid in Japan" in later years! xxx06 September 1995 and at Anchorage 07 September 2004.
N2225C de Havilland Canada DHC-4/C-7A Caribou (215). Ex 63-9754 AMARG PCN "CM010".xxx06 September 1995
N4860V back on 15 September 1968 at Anchorage..
N801FA / CF-NAU Curtis Wright C-46-F-1-CU Commando (22600) with wrinkled sistership N4860V Curtiss Wright C-46A-45-CU Commando (30240). 06 September 1995.
N351CE Douglas DC-6A Liftmaster (44599) ex USAF 53-3228.xxx06 September 1995 and 11 September 1995 landing back.
N4390F Douglas DC-6B (44898) xxx11 September 1995.
90F rolling. View from N444CE.
N12347 Douglas DC-6A Liftmaster (44071) ex N777SQ.xxx06 September 1995
N999SQ "51" Douglas DC-6B (43274) .xxx06 September 1995 - I had previously logged this airframe as OY-EAO stored at Copenhagen - Kastrup on 20 August 1964.
N666SQ "47" Douglas DC-6B (43004) .xxx06 September 1995
N104SF North American T-28B Trojan - ex BuAer 137790.
N4334D Beech D-50 Twin Bonanza (DH-93).
Above: Scan from colour negative. Below: Scan of print.
N434TA Douglas DC-6BF Liftmaster (44434) a long history this one. Since 2013, sitting at Hay River, NT. The photos above were taken on 06 September 1995.
Comparison: Front-loading versus rear-loading.
For a pleasant fifty minutes I kept Clint company as he, in turn, warmed up numbers 3 and 4, then 1 and 2.
After shut down, the mechanics checked each powerplant from his step ladder.
N898AT Aviation Traders ATL-98 Carvair (conversion #20) (42994) . Departing in 1.5 miles in smoke for an airfield 245 miles away, with a load of styrofoam sheets.

14:39 Local - 11 September 2004.

Here is a fine shot taken by my friend Aad van der Voet © 08 June 2006, under much better conditions, and before she ended her days. Thanks Aad.
N9966 Travel Air A-6000A (1099).
N8504Z Fairchild C-119L Flying Boxcar (11253) ex 53-7836. "No Fear". xxx 11 September 1995, and as she was on 11 September 2004 in the Everts storage yard.
Ramp scene at a very smokey Fairbanks, 11 September 2004. "Hot Stuff"; N444CE and "Dumbo".
N27PH Grumman C-1A Trader - ex 136791 RZ/7 VR-21 squadron. Another fuel hauler. I visited the owner's home and hill top private airfield.
N59314 Douglas C-47A Dakota (12363) Frontier Flying Service. xx 10 September 1995. Managed to talk my way up to the tower cab and tour radar facilities with my friend, a B742 Captain with Air France. Quite a range of traffic is handled at Fairbanks - PAFA. Watching radar we saw F-16, KC-135, C-46, B742, float planes, plus rotary machines, all in the mix.
More tower views shortly. Above a Lufthansa Boeing B742 flares, like a little toy, on 19R! (It is now 20R).
N10196 Hiller UH-12B (340).xxx 10 September 1995.
N4389S Sikorsky S-58ET (58-1552). xx 10 September 1995.
N67018 Douglas C-54-D-15-DC/R5D (22196) ex US Marines BuAer 56544. Brooks Fuel. xxx 11 September 2004.
N99212 Douglas C-54D-5-DC/R5D (10661) ex US Navy BuAer 56504. Brooks Fuel. xxx Earlier in September 1995.
N99212 Douglas C-54D-5-DC/R5D (10661) ex US Navy BuAer 56504. Brooks Fuel. xxx 11 September 2004.
N90251 Douglas DC-7 (45367) Brooks Fuel, when she was active back on 11 September 1995.
N114V Beech 18 (AF-34).xxx11 September 2004. Douglas DC-7 N90251 stored behind.
N326W Beech E-18S (BA-443) in the Brooks yard parked beside N114V.
The view from the Carvair of her load of styrofoam sheets, and an overview of the Brooks Fuel yard.
N90201 Douglas C-54-D-10-DC Skymaster (10828) Brooks 11 September 2004.
T-28-944 North American T-28 (174-100) ex Mexican Air Force. Ex USAF 51-3562.
N95460 Douglas C-47A Skytrain (20190) ex Air North. xxx 06 September 1995. Previously noted many moons earlier by a younger self (23), at Anchorage on 14 September 1968.
N3544B Beech 18 (A-1010) and N333FL Beech 18 (BA-29) get loaded up and depart on 11 September 1995. It's all about timing eh?