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I had arrived at 06:45 EDT at JFK - New York on the last built Canadair CL-44D4-2 TF-LLI (39) "Bjarni Herjolfsson" operating Flight "LL421" of Loftleidir. Almost deaf after a flight from Iceland sitting abeam the engines, I made my way to a nearby viewing area, to become even deafer. I had my portable tape recorder with me, the size of an attache case, and hope someday to add some "noise" to this page, so you may share the sights and sounds of very early morning viewing the Easter Airlines ramp. Here we have N8701E Boeing 720-025 (18155) departing from the gate, with not much room for errors!
N8149N (18973) Boeing 727-25
N8117N (18268) Boeing 727-25
N1801 Douglas DC-8-31 (45276/72) Braniff International.
N8160G (19360) Boeing 727-25 - later became N124FE with FedEx. Now with the Museum of Flight in Seattle.
Here N5501 (188-1005); N5529 (188-1048), and N5538 (188-1078) Lockheed L-188A Electra of Eastern Airlines come and go.
N8034U Douglaas DC-8-52 (45301 / 128) United Air Lines leaves and makes some noise for my tape recorder.
N6674D Boeing Vertol V-107-II (4) starts to taxi out from TWA's New York Airways terminal gate. By 19 August 2009 this airframe had amassed 70,085.3 hours. I had quite a few rides in that type in 1966. Including N6676D (6) and N108PA (108/4009).