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Photos: Neil Aird © 26 April 2005

Here are a selection of images taken during my visit to 38 squadron based at RAAF Amberley - YAMB, Queensland, Australia. They were retired from service in December 2009.
A4-234 (234) was the only Caribou active on the day of my visit. Standard taxi proceedure, like driving with the top down, I should imagine. Update: Departed Oakey 02 November 2011 for HARS at Albion Park, NSW. For detailed histories of all DHC-4A aircraft presented here, please go to this
A4-195 (195)
A4-140 (140) I was to meet up with this aircraft again in 2010.
Work being done on A4-299 (299). I crossed paths with this machine a few days later at Brisbane Airport.
A4-299 (299) in action at Avalon - YMAV, Victoria. Photo: Ken Kula © 18 March 2001.
I got a good opportunity to get a good look at A4-195 (195).
Here is A4-195 (195) on a trip to Omaka, New Zealand - Photo: Aaron Murphy © 10 April 2009.
A look inside A4-140 (140) with my attention being drawn to the plate by the door!
The seven de Havilland Canada DHC-4A Caribou aircraft present on the day of my visit A4-299; A4-195; A4-234; A4-140; A4-210; A4-285; A4-231.
My sincere thanks to my good friend Squadron Leader Lenn Bayliss for arranging this enjoyable, nostalgic visit.
On 03 November 2010, I met up with A4-140 again, now in the care of the Australian War Memorial, Treloar Centre - Mitchell Annex. This facility is only open to the public once a year.
Reading the fine print. A4-236 (236) bits. note that some maintenace was done at Field Aviation, in Calgary, Alberta. Delivered to RAAF August 1965. Currently aircraft on display at Amberley Aviation Heritage Centre since June 2011.
My sincere thanks to Pete Reardon (left) with arranging the tour of this facility. My thanks to John White of the AWM Mitchell Annex/Treloar Facility, near Canberra, our knowlegeable host. Here they discuss some obviously serious matter ;-)