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John Kimberley © Year as marked

I have a very fine collection of images taken by John Kimberley over the years of Beavers in various stages of restoration and repair. I will attempt to gather them here. I'm sure many of you will gain some insight into the process that brings many "back to life". Thanks JK.
Kenmore yard in March 1988- Covered stand for sun or rain? N67673 c/n 1284
At Vancouver South, gone is the porthole. Mix and match here very early in 1988. C-FJOM c/n 1024
At Vancouver South almost complete, Vancouver Island Air in December 1986. C-FGQW c/n 124
Stored outside in the snow Vancouver South in January 1991. F-OAKK c/n 135
C-FCDT c/n 39) in the usual spot for work like this. September 1991.