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• A Beaver or two in N gauge - "The build " •
Neil Aird © September 2021
As received.
Separated - phew! Nothing broke. Beaver 25 cent coin for scale.
Tray one - hope I don't spill it!
Tray two - more bits and pieces.
Lamination started - regular white glue used.
I knew these riffler rasps would come in handy one day!
Wings and tail on. Very, very fragile.
Broke one strut, had to cut another from the scrap.
Test placement. Instructions are not correct for fuselage shape obviously.
Gradually tapering the fuselage. Rather difficult once wings and tailplane are on!
Got the floats built and attached.
They need a lot of shaping.
Looks pretty crude, a lot of refining comes next, if it does not fall apart!
Took the floats off to work on them.
They are pretty small.
More fine tuning, easier when the floats are off the plane!
The floats will be raised - will probably remove them to shorten the steps.
more soon
Out on the reef - just having some fun.
Sunset at Buckman Field.
New arrivals - 3d printed models just landed!
Flight of two arrived at Buckman Field for some attention - 04 October 2021
Army surplus - next to fade the day-glo. Oh, it is all about scale - 06 October 2021
xMore soon - daily if I can. Details of kit etc., to follow also.

I still have some detailing to do - Landing light, pitot tube, oil cooler, exhaust etc . . maybe I will, maybe I won't This was just a test