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Photos: Ken Marshall © 1967 - 1969
N180K (550) arrives from Gatwick, with the iconic Redbrae House in the background.
N180K (550) a Pilatus built machine, the prototype PC-6/C, aquired by Air America in March 1969, shown here on delivery. Written off on 29 April 1971 near Moung Nham (LS63) and N355F (F.2013) ex Intermountain Aviation, transferred to Air America March 1969, later abandoned 29 April 1975, like many others, at Saigon, South Vietnam.

Watching the arrivals on 23 March 1969 - some of the "all seeing" local enthusiasts. Not much got missed, even back then, long before Mobile Phones and the Internet Groups!

Earlier, on 16 August 1967, some others transitted through Prestwick. These wore "air america" titles and the US flag. Again Ken was there to capture these Fairchild built PC-6/C-H2 Porters with Westburn House in the background, while being refuelled.
Here are N357F (F.2015) w/o 12 September 1972 at Ban Vieng, Laos, and N360F (F.2018) like several machines abandoned 29 April 1975 at Saigon, South Vietnam. More Ken Marshall images of this event to follow. Historical details from my friend Markus Herzig, the Pilatus PC-6 Porter specialist. The Pilatus Porter World website is an awesome place.

Even more infor on these infamous aircraft can be found here

N359F (F.2017) all chocked up. This aircraft was also abandoned at Saigon, South Vietnam on 29 April 1975.