Beaver Tails

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The Recovery of CF-GYT (182) in 1959
Newspaper report - Central Newfoundland: Buchans Mining Company Plane Crash.

A single engine Beaver aircraft with pilot Lee Frankham and five members of the Buchans Miners hockey team crashed near Hind's Lake on Sunday, March 22, 1959. The plane was returning from Deer Lake with the players when it developed ice on the wings from freezing rain. Due to the low visibility at the Buchans airstrip, the plane was unable to land at Buchans. The pilot radioed the tower at Buchans saying that he would attempt to land on Red Indian Lake, four miles from Buchans. The mining company sent its snowmobiles to that area in case the plane did land on the lake. The weather conditions were also bad at the lake, so the pilot retraced his route and contacted the radio tower at Buchans that he was going to try a forced landing near Hind's Lake, 10miles northwest of Buchans. The pilot had no choice but to attempt the forced landing as the plane was icing up fast
and the craft was running out of fuel. During the forced landing, the Beaver cut through the tops of trees that acted as a cushion and helped reduce the plane's impact with the ground. The
Beaver aircraft came to rest on its side, with the wings torn off completely, but with very little cabin damage. It was facing the direction from which it had come. This attested to the pilot's skill in bringing his plane in for a safe forced landing.
There weren't any serious injuries to the people on board, except for team manager Gus Soper, who suffered from nervous strain. The people on board the aircraft, along with pilot Frankham and team manager Soper, were Hugh Wadden, Robert O'Toole, Norman Higdon and Tony Head. All were members of the Buchans Miners hockey team returning from Deer Lake after winning a five-game series against the Corner Brook Royals on Saturday night.

These images were sent to me by Jan-Erik Forsling. I have added them here (un-retouched), at some point in the future I will make them larger. My thanks to Jan-Erik. The image immediately below is the crash location.
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