C-FXPC on wheels at Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba.
Photo: Gerry Norberg © 01 June 2021
C-FXPC on Wapeskapak Lake, Manitoba.
Photos: Scott Shewchuk © October 2009
C-FXPC wrapped up at Cochrane, Ontario.
Photos: Rob Mitchell © 17 December 2009
C-FXPC exercising patience at Lac du Bonnet.
Photo: Fred Barnes © 15 September 2009
C-FXPC of Adventure Air overwintering at Selkirk, MB.
Photo: Rich Hulina © January 2006
C-FXPC at Silver Falls, Manitoba.
Photos: Neil Aird © 14 September 2003
C-FXPC at Gander, Newfoundland.
Photo: Fred Barnes © 12 May 1993

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56-4446 • HK-1014X • HK-1014 • (CF-AEI) • CF-XPC



56-4446 US Army # 1776. L-20 No. 777. Command A-12. Delivered 12-Feb-1958. Built as L-20A and re-designated U-6A in 1962.

Note: Served with Inter-American Geodetic Survey (IAGS) at Albrook Field, Panama.

HK-1014X Government of Colombia. Delivery date unknown.

HK-1014 Aero Taxi (Avianca–Aerovias Nacionales de Colombia SA), Bogota, Colombia. Canx Apl-1970.

Extracts from files held at Department of Transport, Ottawa, ON.

14-Oct-1969 TTSN 8,605 hours.

24-Oct-1969 Allotment of Registration CF-AIE, DHC-2 msn 1196, Lakeshore Aircraft Parts Reg’d, Beaurepaire, QC (J.H. McKinnon).

24-Oct-1969 Certificate of Registration and Flight Permit for Importation Flight Bogota, Colombia to Montreal

09-Jun-1971 McKinnon advises Department of Transport negotiations not completed, cancellation required.

11-Oct-1979 Provisional marks cancelled, aircraft never registered  as CF-AEI in Canada

(CF-AEI) n.t.u. Oct-1969.

CF-XPC Imported into Canada. Regd Oct-1969.

CF-XPC & C-FXPC Gander Aviation Ltd., Gander, NL. Regd 17-Nov-1969. Regn format changed prior to 30-Sep-1978. Regd 18-Jun-1991. Canx 28-Jun-1991.

Accident: Gander, NL 14-Feb-1974. Power failed completely shortly after takeoff and the aircraft crash landed in a wooded area. Pilot C. Clouter and his passenger were uninjured although the aircraft suffered serious damage.

C-FXPC Reported as Labrador Airways Ltd.,. Goose Bay, NL. Dates unknown. Not on CCAR.

C-FXPC Trans Côte Inc., Lourdes de Blanc Sablon, NL. Regd 28-Jun-1991. Not on CCAR.

C-FXPC Gander Aviation Ltd., Gander, NL. Regd 19-Oct-1993. Canx 06-Jul-2001.

C-FXPC Kississing Air Ltd., Silver Falls, MB. Regd 11-Sep-2001. Canx 18-Jun-2002.

C-FXPC Adventure- Air, (3097448 Manitoba Ltd.,), Pine Falls, MB. Regd 18-Jun-2002, 06-Apr-2005 and 05-Dec-2007. Based Silver Falls, MB.

Note: Baron STOL Mods. Jul-2002.