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5Y-DLD close-up.
Showing her Viking Heritage.
Photos: Robert Aman © 03 January 2011 - via Don Goodman
5Y-DLD at Wilson - Nairobi, Kenya.
Photo: Nathan Roberts © 21 November 2008
C-FOEA at Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Photo: Gary Vincent © October 1986
CF-OEA waits at the mooring bouy.
Photo: Sheldon D. Benner © August 1977 - Michael J. Ody Collection
CF-OEA a grand en route shot near Thompson, MB.
Photo: Gerald L. Sarapu © 1974
CF-OEA at Hayward Lake (Fire Tower).
Photo: Neil Ayers © 1967
CF-OEA leaving Wawa, pilot George Beauchene.
Photo: Neil Ayers © August 1965
CF-OEA at an early CNE Airshow demonstration.
Photo: Richard Dumigan © via Eric Dumigan

c/n 1562TB3




CF-OEA Prov. of Ontario, Department of Lands & Forests, Saute St Marie, ON. Delivered 25-Jan-1965.

C-FOEA Prov. of Manitoba, Department of Lands & Forests Winnipeg, MB. Regd prior to Cert of Airworthiness renewal dated 06-Jan-1973. Canx 17-Apr-1986.

Accident: Sipiwesk Lake, MB, Lat 55.07N Long 97.42W. 18 Jul 1978. The aircraft was on a supply flight to a camp. As the pilot circled the island location for his final approach, he experienced what he thought was an engine failure. He was unable to reach the lake for a successful forced landing and landed in trees. Technical investigation revealed that the engine ran satisfactorily but that the propeller was in reverse pitch when the aircraft hit the trees.

C-FOEA North West Rentals Ltd., Lynn Lake, MB. Canx 07-Apr-1988.

C-FOEA Viking Air Ltd., Sidney, BC. Regd 23-Aug-1988, Deleted 05-Mar-1990 on export to Kenya.

5Y-DLD Desert Locust Control Organization for East Africa, Wilson / Nairobi, Kenya. Mar-1990 & 13-Jun-1991. Cert of Airworthiness 03-Aug-2001. Renewed 15-Jan-2013.

Accident: Kigoma 16-Sep-1998. The aircraft was taking off from Kigoma for a flight to Kibondo. It was carrying one pilot and four officials of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. The pilot said that during the take-off rolI the aircraft suddenly veered to the left and ran off the runway. As it did so the propeller struck the ground and the aircraft came to rest 200 metres off the runway. There were no injuries among the occupants but the aircraft sustained substantial damage to the propelIer and the right main wheel. Examination of the tyre marks on the runway indicated that the right main wheel tire burst during the take-off rolI. The pilot was of the opinion that his aircraft hit a violent whirl wind just about lift-off 'which plucked the plane from the air causing it to lose lift and to swerve violently to the left: The Kigoma MET office reported that the part of the runway where the incident took place was too far for their instruments to register any significant readings. At the material time the wind was westerly at l0kts and the temperature was 25C. The Air Traffic Controller at Kigoma airport said that a number of pilots had previously reported "severe turbulence cases" within in the airport area.

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