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c/n 1469
XP813 final salvage of wreck.
Photos: Official photographer © Police Museum Brussels Archives

c/n 1469



· Delivered 17-May-1961

· XP813 Army Air Corps

· Del 31-Aug-1961

· To 18 Flt., Detmold, Germany, 11-Sep-1961

· Crashed 24-Jan-1962

· Failed to return from flight Antwerpen - Manston by 18:43 hrs

· Pilot WO2 S. Mousley AAC, QFI 1 Wing

· Wreck eventually recovered

· Disposition unknown ·


Photos via Christian Toumpsin

Christian wrote:

Here are few pictures taken during the recovery of Beaver XP813
somewhere on the Belgian Coast (Probably in the Port of Ostend).

On 24 Jan 1962, this aircraft ditched near to the North Hinder Lightship
while en route from Antwerp, Belgium to Manston, Kent. It was seen by
the crew of the lightship but they were unable to launch a boat due to
sea conditions. The pilot drowned when the aircraft sank.

The pictures were taken months after the crash.