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"Olivia heads west - Part One"

Northern Ontario, overnight Sioux Lookout, west to Rockies.

To start (give it time to load!) It should commence automatically - if it does not - click on the arrow button. (have your sound turned on!!)

The small image is the best.

Double Click on the image to open full screen - a bit jerky I'm afraid!

Hit Esc to EXIT.

It should give you a "feeling" of the trip I hope?

Here's the YouTube link if it does not work here!

Video clips: Neil Aird © 28/29 May 2007
This clip starts as we are low level over Ontario, south east of North Bay. The headwinds had been considerable, we had been quite high looking for favourable winds and better fuel economy, we found what we wanted at a much lower altitude. The winds improved and we returned to about 2,500 feet. I did not take any clips before this point, forgot about that feature on my camera . . . glad I remembered before too long. I did take still shots which I will add later. This is just to let you enjoy some of the sights and sounds of "Olivia's Odyssey".