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CBC "Summerside"

13 August 1997 with Terry MacLeod

Interview on 50th Anniversary of Beaver done three days before actual anniversary.

Not bad timing.

Interview: Canadian Broadcasting System © 1997


I made my way to CFRC Radio Station in the basement of Carruthers Hall, Queen's University three days before the anniversary of the Beaver's First Flight, and did this interview with Terry MacLeod, who was in a studio at CBC Toronto. I'm grateful to CFRC who supplied this tape transcript for me after the event. Remember it was a live transmission!!!

When I knew the 50th was approaching I contacted the CBC. I had heard a great interview by Peter Gzowski on "Morningside" on the Beaver once and thought that the venue of the CBC would be most appropriate. It was the "Summertime" venue that actually transpired.

I'm not really sure if many of you will actually hear this..still playing with web technology. I am in the process of trying to understand "streaming audio" which may be the best route.

Hang in there. Be patient it seems to work...oh yes, speakers on ;-)