N1416Z of Wien at Fairbanks - PAFA / FAI.
Photos: Neil Aird © 15 September 1968
N1416Z of SIMPSON AIR at Vancouver.
Photo: Ian Macdonald © Summer 1969
N1416Z with COAST AIR in Kenmore Yard.
Photo: Ian Macdonald © 1970's
C-GIJK in McCully livery.
Photo: David Graham © date unknown - Aird Archives
Photo: Elwood White © date unknown - Aird Archives
C-GIJK when newly on the Canadian Register.
Photo: John Kimberley © c.1980 - Aird Archives
Photo: John Kimberley © December 1980 - Aird Archives
Photo: Unknown photographer © June 1981 - Michael J. Ody Collection
C-GIJK awaing a flight.
Photo: Unknown photographer © 02 August 1993 - Aird Archives
C-GIJK enjoying winter bliss.
Photos: Clarence Hogan ©
Photo: Dirk Septer ©





N1416Z Sea Airmotive Inc., Anchorage. AK. Delivered 27-Jul-1962.

N1416Z Wien AK Airlines Inc., Fairbanks, AK. Circa 1964. Leased from Sea Airmotive.

Accident: 22-Mar-1964. Umiat, AK. Aircraft collided with snowbank, probably caused by selection of unsuitable terrain and inadequate snow clearance operation. Ice and slush on runway and strong winds. Undercarriage collapsed. No injuries to pilot and one passenger. NTSB report unknown

N1416Z Simpson Air SE., Ketchikan, AK. Circa. 1969.

N1416Z Coast Air, Ketchikan, AK. Regd 26-Aug-1970. Regd 11-Dec-1975.

C-GIJK Imported into Canada. 1976.

C-GIJK McCully Aviation Ltd., Port Alberni, BC. Regd prior to Certificate of Airworthiness renewal dated 14-Jan-1977.

C-GIJK James R. Gillespie, Victoria, BC. On CCAR at May-1981.Canx 05-Dec-1984.

C-GIJK Harry J. McGowan, Sidney, BC. Canx 29-Jul-1987.

C-GIJK James Raymond Gillespie, Port Hardy, BC. Regd 17-Nov-1987. Canx 16-Jun-1988.

C-GIJK Steve Butler Construction Ltd., Victoria, BC. Regd 16-Jun-1988. Canx 04-Oct-1988.

C-GIJK Air Sahtu, Fort Franklin, NT. Regd 30-Sep-1983. Canx 26-Jun-1989.

C-GIJK Tsayta Aviation Ltd., Fort St. James. BC. Regd 26-Jun-1989.

Accident: Tlooki Lake (54 41N 121 31W), BC. 18-Sep-1997. The aircraft crashed approximately 200 metres off the end of the lake during take off. It is reported that the pilot made a downwind takeoff and the aircraft clipped trees at the end of the lake. The pilot suffered indeterminate injuries  however two passengers were uninjured. CADORS report 1997P0618. TSB Occurrence report A97P0261

C-GIJK Beaukent Developments Inc., Vancouver, BC. Regd 17-Jun-2002.

Note: Wrecked fuselage stored at Sealand facilities, Campbell River – CYBL, BC. Present May-2015.

Remains stored