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981 on display at Datangshan - China Aviation Museum.
Photos: Fred Hovestad © 07 November 2018
Photo: Unknown photographer © March 2011 - Aird Archives
Photos: Mike Smith © 10 May 2010
Photo: Tom Singfield © 06 November 2008
Photo: Yu Ming © 21 August 2005
Photo: Yu Ming © 19 July 2004
One "funky" Beaver paint scheme.
Photo: Ian Burnett © 2003
981 in prior, more appropriate markings at Shanghai.
Photo: Ruud Leeuw © August 1992

c/n 1610




AP-AVB Pakistan Government, The Collector, Central Excise & Land Customs (C.C.C.), Karachi. Delivered 18-Jan-1966.

Note: Reported as operated by Pakistan Army.

AP-AVB Pakistan Government, Agricultural Department of Plant Protection, Walton / Lahore, Regd 05-Jun-1967.

981 People’s Liberation Army of China. Circa 1970. See note below.

Note: Initially at Shanghai Aircraft Enthusiasts Centre, Jinjiang Leyuan Park, Shanghai, in CAAC colours and then in a garish blue, white red and yellow scheme. Dents in wing tip appear to indicate it is the same aircraft.

981 Datangshan Museum (China Aviation Museum), Xiaotangshan, China.

Note: Currently painted in CAAC colours (Grey under fuselage, blue trim stripe, upper fuselage white and red flag and star motifs. On close inspection marks 981 visible under paint).


Note: Chinese comments.

China Aviation Museum is about 40 miles north of Beijing and located in the foot of fascinating Xiao Tang Hill (XiaoTangShan) in Chang Ping County. On November 11, 1989, it was opened to the public in the 40th Anniversary of the Founding of Air Force of the Chinese People's Liberation Army.

 On April, 1991, the air force official ratified its name as the "Air Force Aviation Museum". In the foreign exchanges, it is called as the China Aviation Museum.