C-GAZJ at Lac Sébastien water aerodrome, Québec
Photo: Warren Liebmann © 22 September 2021
C-GAZJ parked for the winter at CSP5.
Photos: Pierre Gillard © 03 November 2013
C-GAZJ on Lac Long, Québec.
Photo: Marcel Fluet-Lecerf © September 2011
Photo: Marcel Fluet-Lecerf © June 2008 - Aird Archives
C-GAZJ - I finally catch up with this one, alas only snapped through a window at Lac à la Tortue!
Photo: Neil Aird © 11 April 2006
C-GAZJ ready for winter at Lac à la Tortue, Québec.
Photo: Jean-Luc Poliquin © 22 October 2002
C-GAZJ at CYVP - Kuujjuaq, QC.
Photo: Moritz Herrmann © 06 February 1997 (moritz.herrmann@yetnet.ch)
Photo: Henry Tenby © 12 November 1995 - Kenneth I. Swartz Collection
C-GAZJ way down south at St. Hubert, Québec.
Photo: Alain Rioux © 12 July 1985
C-GAZJ at Ottawa - Uplands.
Photo: Bill Sawchuk © 01 July 1975
53-7934 with USAREUR
Photo: MAP © 1966 - Wayne Mutza Collection - Aird Archives





53-7934 US Army #1475. L-20 No: 476. Command A-4. Delivered 06-Jan-1955. Built as L-20A and re-designated U-6A in 1962.

53-7934 Served with USAREUR in Germany.

53-7934 For sale Coleman Barracks, Mannheim–Sandhofen, Germany. Seen 28-Aug-1972.

Total time: 4,276 hours

No regn Purchased by B-M Aviation Ltd., Lachute, QC. 01-Apr-1973.

C-GAZJ Northern Québec Inuit Association. Fort Chimo, QC. Regd May-1975.

C-GAZJ Air Inuit Ltd., Kuujjuaq, QC. Circa 1978.

C-GAZJ Johnny May’s Air Charter Ltd., Kuujjuaq / Fort Chimo, QC. Regd prior to Certificate of Airworthiness renewal dated 28-Apr-1978. Re regd 12-Aug-1989. Canx 16-Feb-1999.

Accident: Lac Qamantaluk, QC. Lat 57.56N. Long 65.05W. 02-Sep-1984. The pilot embarked his passengers and taxied the aircraft to the end of the track where he completed his take off checks in preparation for the second stage of his itinerary. When he increased power the engine backfired  which caused the pilot to quickly reduce power. When the pilot again increased power slowly, the engine worked well. The pilot applied full power and then shortly after the takeoff, there was a new backfire, followed by a total loss of power. The pilot kept straight ahead on the remaining part of the runway. However, as he not have sufficient distance to stop the aircraft, the pilot consciously makes a rotation on the ground and he hits the rocks. No injury was suffered.

A similar backfire had occurred before the first takeoff earlier the same day. In addition, on two occasions a few months before the accident, the engine had a backfire and stopped in cruising flight. In both cases, the engine had been restarted. However, this information had not been entered in the logbook. The engine was taken out and was shipped to an independent workshop where it was dis-assembled. The technicians noted numerous anomalies on the magnetos and spark plugs. In a test compression, only four cylinders had an acceptable differential pressure. The engine was unable to provide the nominal power. However, none of these abnormalities could be determined as being the cause of power loss. The very poor engine condition indicates a lack of maintenance since the last overhaul. General conclusions - Findings related to causes: 1. The engine suffered a loss of power for undetermined reason. Other facts established: 1. The motor and its components had not been maintained in accordance with standards. 2. The technical anomalies with the engine had not been entered in the logbook.

C-GAZJ Air St Maurice Inc., Lac à Beauce, QC. Regd 16-Feb-1999.

C-GAZJ Aviation 2000 Inc., Lac à la Tortue, QC. Based Lac à Beauce. Regd 20-Feb-2003 and 17-Aug-2004. Canx 17-Apr-2008. Regd 11-Jul-2008. Canx 02-Jul-2013.

C-GAZJ Aviation 2000 Inc., La Tuque, QC. Based Lac à Beauce Seaplane Base, QC. Regd 24-Apr-2014. Canx 28-Jul-2016.

C-GAZJ Aviation Roger Forgues Inc., La Tuque, QC Lac St-Augustin, QC. & Aviation 2000 Inc, La Tuque, QC Regd 28-Jul-2016.