SE-KCK at Nyköping - ESKN, on her new 6,100 amphibs.
Photos: Tomas Söderman © 20 May 2020
SE-KCK back on wheels.
Photos: via Tomas Söderman © October 2018
SE-KCK powers up.
Photo: via Tomas Söderman © 2018
SE-KCK having some fun.
Photo:Tomas Söderman © 07 July 2018
Photo: via Tomas Söderman © 2018
Photo: Tomas Söderman © 29 March 2018
Photo: Tomas Söderman © 2018
SE-KCK at Piteå Långnäs seaplane base, Sweden.
Photo: Bo Häggkvist © 18 June 2002
SE-KCK at Piteå in winter.
Photo: Felix Goetting © 06 March 1998 - Aird Archives
CF-GQQ in the Nakina area in the 1970's
CF-GQQ in her Austin Airways black and red scheme.
Photos: Don Hughes © 1970s





Certificate of registration #3474 issued 02-May-1951.

CF-GQQ Austin Airways Ltd., Toronto, ON. Certificate of registration #10120 issued 02-May-1951. Delivered 19-May-1951 and operated at least until prior to Feb-1976.

Accident: Nakina Airport, Ontario. Lat 50°11’N Long 86°42’W. 19-Jan-1970. Engine failed at 150ft. The pilot Reg Orange, elected to force land the ski equipped aircraft into second growth of a wooded area. The pilot was injured but the aircraft suffered substantial damage.

C-FGQQ Reported as Falcon Leasing, Smithers, BC. Regd 20-Feb-1976. Canx 05-Dec-1984, but not shown on CCAR

C-FGQQ Smithers Air Service (1974) Ltd., Smithers, BC. Regd prior to C of A dated 29-Jul-1977. On CCAR as at May-1981.

Accident: Circa 1980 and Rebuilt by Pacific Aircraft Salvage.

C-FGQQ Pacific Aircraft Salvage Inc., Richmond, BC. Regd 22-Jan-1997. Deleted on export to Sweden 29-Oct-1997.

SE-KCK Stenwalls TRA AB Älvsbyn. Resd 10-Oct-1997. Regd 29-Oct-1997. Operator Sky Harbor Air AB, Sikfors, Sweden. Doing business as Kallax Flyg (Kirunaflyg).

SE-KCK Private Owner.