C-FZVR still mispainted, at St-Mathias, QC.
Photos: Neil Aird © 11 April 2006
C-FZVR at Yellowknife, NT.
Photo: Damiano Gualdoni © June 1998
Photo: Lukas Lusser © 12 June 1999
C-FZVR operating with LABAIR.
Photo: © Stephen R. Peck
CF-ZVR safely back in Canada.
Photo: Sheldon D. Benner © April 1971 - Michael J. Ody Collection
N563 parked at Hal Far, Malta.
Photo: Unknown photographer © 1971 - Ian MacFarlane Collection


N2734A • N563 • CF-ZVR



N2734A Egyptian American Oil Company. Reported delivered 03-Sep-1954?

Left paint shop 24-Aug-1954. No registration. Stored for five months. Egyptian - American Oil Co in 3' blue letters with fine red trim on each side of the aircraft two or thre inches aft of cargo door.

N563 Amerada Petroleum Corp of Libya, Tripoli, Libya. Regd 19-Sep-1961. Canx 24-Feb-1971.

Note: Ferried Jersey (over Exeter) – Shannon – Reykjavik 21-Mar-1971 as CF-ZVR.

CF-ZVR Newfoundland & Labrador Air Transport Ltd., Deer Lake / South Brook, NL. Regd May-1971. On CCAR for May-1981 but see below.

CF-ZVR Labrador Airways, Goose Bay, NL. Regd prior to Certificate of Airworthiness renewal dated 15-Jul-1979.

CF-ZVR Provincial Express Inc., Goose Bay, NL. Dates unknown.

C-FZVR Air Labrador – Wings of the North, Goose Bay, NL. Dates unknown.

C-FZVR Newfoundland & Labrador Air Transport, Corner Brook, NL. Circa 1976. Canx 09-Mar-1983.

C-FZVR Labrador Airways Ltd., Goose Bay, NL. Regd and canx Apr-1983.

C-FZVR Goose Bay Air Services, Goose Bay, NL. Regd Apr-1983. Canx 03-Jun-1987.

C-FZVR Labrador Airways Ltd., Goose Bay, NL. Regd 21-Jan-1992. Canx 30-Apr-1997.

C-FZVR Blue Water Aviation Services Ltd., Pine Falls, MB. Based Silver Falls, MB. Regd 30-Apr-1997. Canx 12-Sep-1997.

C-FZVR Northern Dene Airways Ltd., Prince Albert, SK, Based Stoney Rapids, SK. Regd 12-Sep-1997. Canx 11-Mar-1998.

C-FZVR Air Thelon Ltd., Yellowknife, NT. Regd 06-May-1998. Canx 18-Sep-2000.

C-FZVR Pierre-Brossard, Brossard, QC, based Beloeil, QC. Regd 18-May-2001. Canx 21-May-2004.

Note: Offered for sale in 2002 in a partially restored but unpainted form.

C-FZVR 1067901 Alberta Ltd., Whitecourt, AB, based at Valcart, AB. Regd 12-Apr-2005.

Note: Photo evidence shows regn. mis-painted as FZUR on tail in Apr-2006. Interestingly the “U” is missing from underwing.

C-FZVR Air Tunilik Inc., Laval, QC. Regd 06-Jun-2019.