C-FODF at Vancouver's Coal Harbour Base.
Photos: Kim Grist © 1976-77
Photo: John Kimberley © September 1976 - Ruben Husberg Collection
C-FODF with company ships at Vancouver South.
Photo: Kenneth I. Swartz © 29 June 1975
CF-ODF at Nym Lake base, Ontario.
Photo: Bob Ostrom © Summer 1966
CF-ODF in a winter wonderland.
Photo: DHC © Date unknown - Print 13482 - Aird Archives





Certificate of Airworthiness #3486 issued 28-Apr-1952.

CF-ODF & C-FODF Province of Ontario, Department of Lands and Forests, Sault Ste. Marie, ON. Certificate of registration# 10911 issued 28-Apr-1952. Delivered 29-Apr-1952 and operated until 1968.

Some details of activities with Province of Ontario

Total hours at Apr-1954   808.40

Total Hours at Apr-1955   1,104.75

Loads carried Apr-1954 to Mar-1955   113,305lb

Based 1954-1955 Sudbury and South Porcupine.

Accident: Lat 46°52’N Long 48°25’W, 23-Feb-1955. Aircraft suffered damage when pilot, T. J. Calladine, elected to land because of weather conditions. During landing run the pilot turned aircraft and starboard ski leg struck rough ice. Starboard wing also suffered substantial damage. No injuries to pilot.

Accident: Batchawana Bay, Lake Superior, ON. 43 ml North of Sault Ste Marie 46°55’N 84°25’W. When the aircraft was a short distance from shore the pilot asked the passenger to go onto the float with a rope and assist with the docking of the aircraft. The passenger exited by the right front door and was cautioned not to from that position until instructed to do so. The passenger who was who was standing on the right float as the aircraft reached the beach walked forward along the float despite shouted warnings from two people and was struck by the windmilling propeller. He suffered fatal injuries.

C-FODF AirWest Airlines, Vancouver, BC. Regd Dec-1968. Regn format changed prior to 30-Jun-1974. On CCAR dated May-1981.

Accident: False Bay, Lasquetti Island 80 km north of Vancouver, BC. 30-Oct-1977. Aircraft lost float and sank. Reported w/o with no casualties.

C-FODF G. Morley Bullock, Edmonton, AB. Regd 28-Apr-1982.

Noted: 17-Apr-1983 at Vancouver. Reported in full Air BC new colours and titles. (See above) This date is after registration to Morley Bullock. However CCAR does not show.

Note: Aircraft is current but possibly still on the bottom of the False Bay.

Status Unknown