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c/n 433
51-16862 / MM fine ramp shots.
Photo: Unknown photographer © Wayne Mutza Collection.
Photo: Unknown photographer © via Nick Dixon Collection

c/n 433




51-16862 US Army #1233 L-20 No: 234. Delivered 15-Jan-1953.

Built as L-20A and re-designated U-6A in 1962. Later converted to RU-6A.

51-16862 Transferred to the South Vietnam Air Force.

Served with 33rd TW (Tail code mM). 716th Rec. Sqd. AF,

and 314th SMS (Tail code nM) at Tan Son Nhut Air Force Base, Vietnam.

Note: 33rd TW SVAF activated on 04-Jan-1964.

Bob Hagge wrote: 51-16862 / MM, was one of three RU-6A's that the U.S. gave

to the South Vietnamese prior to 1966. These three had the earlier style airborne

direction finding equipment (with R-390 radios) instead of the newer

AN/ARD-15 system that the U.S. used in their RU-6A's.

Fate Unknown