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Views of my building progress, and some trackside vistas on my N scale layout.

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Layout dimensions 2' 10" x 5' 6" - yes, that's pretty small! - the black oil tank below is a 35mm film container!
The Yard view - 18 July 2020 - Landscaping around the workshop completed, plus some weathering on the old building structure.
The Yard view - 17 July 2020 - General view, looking north.

Just a sound file of PRR 9676 blowing for the level crossing. (Note: might not work on all devices!)

20 July 2020 - South edge - Up close trackside.
The old Santa Fe loco and rolling stock shown above, are some of the original items from my kid's toy train set!
17 July 2020 - Ballasting is always messy . . .
Recently completed 13 July 2020, small tunnel in the northeast corner - nice echos when the whistles are blown.
This page on my website is just a sort of diary for my own interest. Who knows if some of our regular DHC-2.COM visitors have similar interests. This little layout is a tribute to my late father James B. Aird. When I was a youngster, we had a small OO/HO layout in Scotland. The Delaware a& Clyde Valley Rail Road. As you can imagine, it was difficult to obtain US locomotives. Earlier, my Dad had a O guage clockwork Locos and Rolling Stock, which we ran through the house on the second floor on the odd Saturday. It had to come "down" or rather, "up" off the floor at the end of the session, as the track ran from my bedroom, along the hallway into my parent's bedroom!. The small layout I have created is basically set in the 1949 - 1960 era in Pennsylvania. My Dad worked with Baldwin Locomotive Works (1949-1950) and the motive power on this layout was ofen seen as we travelled and went trainspotting down by the Pennsy tracks.
17-20 July 2020 - The next little secton on the north wall. A hard to reach section - did not know what I was doing earlier on. All these areas are removable!
19 July 2020 - Latest small section of scenery for the north wall.
Gradually I am weathering the rolling stock. No graffiti, as this is an earlier period - I know - they did not have trucks like this back then.
21 July 2020 - Pine trees today, just a few.
22 July 2020 - Another day dawns.
17 September 2020 - new arrival PRR GG-1 #4935
Why a GG-1 ? - well, here's one my Dad shot in 1949 with his Box Brownie - special memories. Wish I could read the number!
Some views of the Yard. The red light on the water tower will be working soon, little airfield is nearby. Red light working as of 25 September 2020.
Catenery poles in place now. Happy with that. Still to weather them. Should keep the GG-1 happy too! 13 October 2020.
The little airfield has a name now, "Buckman Field" which was a real airfield near Chester, Pennsylvania. $350.00 for your private licence training back in 1949.
Update: Rocky outcrop, partially completed - 21 November 2020.
"Sun's Up" - early morning light on the layout on 17 June 2021
Another early morning in the yard - 28 July 2021
The lineman is busy with telephone poles and also with fence lines - 16 September 2021
Pure fantasy - well in reality I added some fencing, just need a few cows or sheep - 17 September 2021
I might try to add a video or two soon . . . . who knows . . . ?
Here are two for you - YouTube seemed the easiest method. Original video is crisper.

16 September 2021

Quite a while ago

The very early days.