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• Douglas DC-6 Collection •
Aird Archives and the big Douglas prop era.
OO-VFG (45077) DAT at Prestwick. Photo: Ken Marshall © 12 May 1965
Even after leaving the Renfrew area, I still made the long trip from Lenzie across the city of Glasgow, by public transport, to catch the odd interesting visitors. Here two Douglas DC-6B OO-SDQ (44695) and OO-CTM (44175) grace the ramp on St. Valentine's day, 1962. They were joined by five other SABENA machines, all charters from Liège, probably for some soccer event. OO-CTM went on to serve with the Luftwaffe as CA+024 and later to Sterling as OY-STY, while OO-SDQ was leased as EC-ASS for a while and after returning to OO-SDQ, then moving on to TR-LOX. The other Sabena aircraft present were OO-CTN, OO-CTH, OO-SDG all DC-6, OO-AWG DC-3 and OO-SCL Convair 440. Photo: Neil Aird © 14 February 1962
More on the way shortly - it takes a wee while to clean them up.