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A Collection of views taken at Datang Shan.
Photo: Mark Read © 2005
Photos: David Perston © 08 November 2005
Photo: Yu Ming © 21 August 2005
Note dimples - this is definitely the same machine.
Photo: Yu Ming © 19 July 2004

This Beaver has been on outside display here for several years. Note grills at various locations on the aircraft. It was previously at Shanghai.

There was one Taiwanese 8018 (875) aircraft on display inside the mountain, which now can be seen (I believe) 5 km from centre of Bejing at Fuxing Lu.

Open to comments from you all.

Eric Munk visited April 2006 - His comments follow.

Neil! Just came back from trip to Datang Shan (now called the China Aviation Museum, and the town is called Xiaotangshan). Made loads of pictures, including the Beaver there. It is 981 (which proves it's different from the Shanghai Beaver!!!) in CAAC livery but without serial (though visible under paint). Quite good and complete condition, displayed outside. Will send once back in Holland. Will try and locate 8018 tomorrow in Beijing Military Museum. (Would prove that there are only two in China - NCA). Cheers, Eric